Indulge in an Exclusive Culinary Journey with Our Artisanal Products. Handcrafted traditions and authentic Italian flavors, meticulously curated, just for you.

San Diego | California | Little Italy | 1981

  • Vegan Friendly

    98% of our fresh pasta is naturally vegan.

  • Purley Pasta

    Made with GMO-free grains and free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. Learn more.

  • Consciously Crafted

    Crafting our pasta is an eco-aware process. It takes only 1,827 liters of water and around 1.0 kg CO2e to produce a kilogram of wheat, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

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Founded by a Visionary Woman

At the age of 55, our Italian-born mother, Adriana Sabatini Assenti, envisioned sharing her love and passion for handmade pasta.

The Premier Supplier of Fresh Pasta in San Diego County

42 proud years of supplying hand-made, artisanal pasta to our wholesale partners and residents in San Diego County, Irvine, and Tijuana.


Larry L.

This place is the real deal. Please check them out and/or keep coming back. If they go away I'll commit suicide...



Best place in San Diego for pasta! They make their own pasta! Everything they make is incredible!


Tara E.

Best and freshest pasta I've ever had the pleasure of taking home. Everyone who works here is lovely to interact with. One of my favorite places to visit.