A Little Bit Of Herstory

Our mission is to delight our customers, embrace them like family, and offer authentically handcrafted products that honor our family's heritage for generations to come.

At 55 years old, our mother, Adriana Sabatini Assenti, had a vision of sharing her love and passion for handmade pasta. After years of planning, setbacks, and determination, Assenti's Pasta was born in 1981.

Our process of creating pasta originates from our hometown in San Benedetto Del Tronto, Italy, where our mother first learned how to make pasta with traditional methods using simple ingredients. 

We still continue to handcraft our pasta and practice the gifts and lessons inherited by our mother. 

While many things have changed since we first opened, one thing hasn't: our artisan standards for exceptional fine food. That's why we believe in preserving our generations of family traditions while embracing modern standards.