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Assenti's Pasta

Garlic Basil Linguine, 1 lb

Garlic Basil Linguine, 1 lb

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Punchy garlic and vibrant basil that activate the senses
Do you love garlic? Do you love basil? Do you love pasta? If you do (who doesn’t), then meet your new best friend.

We combine forward herbaceous ingredients to produce a pasta that’s pungent with animalic notes of garlic, and floral with hyacinth notes of basil.

The garlic is pronounced without being overbearing and the fresh basil adds a brightness that cuts right through the garlic to round out the flavor.

It’s perfect for seafood inspired creations or bright tomato sauces.

Cook Time

3 Minutes

• Boil 4-5 quarts of water with 1 table spoon of salt.

• Add pasta to boiling water and stir occasionally.

• Taste and cook until pasta is tender with a bite.

• Save 1 cup of pasta water and add a portion into your prepared pasta for depth and moisture.

• Drain, sauce, and serve.
Full Instructions


Non-GMO Semolina #1, garunlated garlic, fresh basil, dry basil, water, salt.

Vegan Friendly


Net wt: 1lb (16 oz) 453g
Serves 3 people


Contains: Wheat.

Manufactured in a facility that processes wheat, eggs, dairy, shellfish and tree nuts.

Shelf Life

Keep refrigerated

7 days refrigerated
3 months frozen (Do not defrost if frozen. Prepare frozen.)

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Endless pastabilities

Fresh handcrafted pasta with unique shapes, vibrant flavors, and endless satisfaction.

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