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Sea & Sun Pure Saffron, 1g

Sea & Sun Pure Saffron, 1g

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We are a traditional family company and have been exporting the best.

In nineteenth century Spain began a great movement of industry and commerce. At Novelda, a city of regional Alicante, were formed a series of businesses dedicated to the commercialization of saffron.

It was during this time that our ancestor Eustaquio Abad Escolano co-founded a commercial company dedicated to producing saffron which quickly grew to take part in the international saffron trade.

Upon his retirement, the business was continued in succession by his sons who created a family based business which has continued uninterrupted to this day. My grandfather, father and I (Eustaquio Abad Sala) have been some of the links of this long family chain that have kept the business going to pass on to our children under the name Abad Guerra Exporters.

100% natural Spanish Saffron.

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