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Safrante Saffron Filaments, 28.35g

Safrante Saffron Filaments, 28.35g

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SAFRANTE GLOBAL COMPANY, S.L.U. is a Spanish based company made up of a highly qualified professional team, with a very long experience and constant updating of the productive means.

We are manufacturers and wholesalers of saffron threads or filaments, saffron powder and Safrante: our flagship derivative. Our saffron is ruled under the International Standard ISO 3632. And of course, we are also HACCP certified.

Fruit of hard and daily labor we are now present in more than 20 countries all around the World.

After years of researching with saffron we developed a 100% natural derivative with no additives, which conserved the main features of saffron: its unequalled aroma, its bright color and of course its unbeatable flavor. SAFRANTE is the first and only product in the World that can compete with the queen of the spices but with the advantage of being exceedingly more economical.

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28.35g (1 oz)
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