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Ritrovo Tuna Chunks with Potatoes and Rosemary, 6 oz

Ritrovo Tuna Chunks with Potatoes and Rosemary, 6 oz

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Ritrovo Selections Tuna Chunks with Potatoes and Rosemary is a fantastic tuna appetizer made with "Patata della Sila" – an IGP Calabrian potato varietal known for its compact texture, depth of flavor and aroma. Use to make niçoise style salads. Also, the perfect addition to pasta dishes or served with beans for a protein rich dish.

Brought to market exclusively for RITROVO from Calabria: Yellowfin Tuna marinated in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The tuna is carefully fished in accordance with protection of the seas and using traditional Calabrian ingredients and preservation methods. Once jarred, the tuna is allowed to ripen for up to a year before distribution. During this time the intense flavor of tuna matures and unites with the delicate taste of the olive oil and seasonings.

Yellowfin tuna, olive oil, potatoes, salt, rosemary.

Contains: Fish.

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Net wt: 6 oz (170g)
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