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Assenti's Pasta

Tiramisu, 16 oz

Tiramisu, 16 oz

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There is a mastery and patience required when making a traditional tiramisu. Our tiramisu is made solely by hand; we carefully dip individual delicate ladyfinger cookies into fresh brewed espresso and place each cookie into a tray creating a base, we then lightly layer our specialized mascarpone filling above the first cookie layer and repeat these steps until we’ve built the tiramisu. We let the ingredients incorporate overnight and dust the top with cocoa powder. This process, although time consuming allows for a delicate and delicious outcome.

We recommend you enjoy our tiramisu in the evening after dinner with a hot cup of espresso.

Thaw if frozen.


Mascarpone, eggs, ladyfinger cookies, sugar, espresso liqueurs, cocoa.


Contains: Dairy, eggs, alcohol.

Manufactured in a facility that processes: wheat, eggs, dairy, shellfish and tree nuts.

Package Size

Net wt: 16 oz

Shelf Life

7 days refrigerated
3 months frozen

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