Shells, 1 lb

Shells, 1 lb

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Product Description
Resembling sea shells, this pasta originates from the Campania region in Italy. The shells cup like feature allows this shape to capture almost any type of sauce. The pasta is exceptionally great in al forno (oven baked) dishes.

Cook Time
3 minutes

Cooking Instructions

Enjoy With
Meat Sauce
Puttanesca Sauce

Non-GMO Semolina #1, water, salt.

Contains: Wheat.

Manufactured in a facility that processes wheat, eggs, dairy, shellfish and tree nuts.

Vegan Friendly

Package Size
Net wt: 1lb (16 oz) 453g
Serves 3 people

Shelf Life
Keep refrigerated
7 days refrigerated
3 months frozen (Do not defrost if frozen. Prepare frozen.)