Penne, 1 lb
Penne, 1 lb
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Penne, 1 lb

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Product Description
Penne are a short, diagonal cut, ridged type pasta shape. In Italian, "penne" refers to goose feathers which were historically used to write with, along with the cut on a diagonal to achieve a very thin tip.

Penne are one of the few pasta shapes with an exact date of birth: in 1865, Giovanni Battista Capurro, a pasta maker from San Martino d'Albaro (Genoa) obtained a patent for a diagonal cutting machine. His invention cut the fresh pasta into a pen shape.

Penne are highly versatile and are perfect for preparing al forno (oven baked) dishes, or with chunky tomato based sauces. 

Cook Time
4 minutes

Cooking Instructions

Enjoy With
All Pesto
Marinara Sauce

Meat Sauce

Non-GMO Semolina #1, water, salt.

Contains: Wheat.

Manufactured in a facility that processes wheat, eggs, dairy, shellfish and tree nuts.

Vegan Friendly

Package Size
Net wt: 1lb (16 oz) 453g
Serves 3 people

Shelf Life
Keep refrigerated
7 days refrigerated
3 months frozen (Do not defrost if frozen. Prepare frozen.)