Fettuccine, 1 lb
Fettuccine, 1 lb
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Fettuccine, 1 lb

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Step up your Fettuccine Alfredo game
This is the only fettuccine you should be using with your Alfredo dish. If you’ve never had fresh pasta with Fettuccine Alfredo, you’re severely missing out. 

Our fettuccine is extruded with a bronze cut die (as is all of our extruded pasta), unlike the typical shelf bought pasta that use dies coated with teflon (eww). A bronze cut die–the more traditional method, produces a coarser and more porous pasta– creating a better surface for sauces to cling to.

Bronze cut fettuccine from the masters of pasta making combined with our rich and creamy mouth watering Alfredo Cream Sauce is a no brainer.

So decide what you really want out of this life, a mediocre Fettuccine Alfredo dish, or the most banger Fettuccine Alfredo pasta you’ve ever had in your entire life.

Cook Time
2-3 minutes
Cooking Instructions

Enjoy With

Alfredo Sauce
Marinara Sauce
Meat Sauce
All Pesto Sauces

Non-GMO Semolina #1, eggs, water, salt.

Contains: Wheat, eggs.

Manufactured in a facility that processes wheat, eggs, dairy, shellfish and tree nuts.

Package Size
Net wt: 1lb (16 oz) 453g
Serves 3 people

Shelf Life
Keep refrigerated
7 days refrigerated
3 months frozen (Do not defrost if frozen. Prepare frozen.)