Holiday Orders

We currently do not offer holiday advance orders.

Due to the nature and volume in which we create fresh pasta (by hand 🤌🏽, for retail customers and wholesale business accounts), it is not possible for us to produce or reserve individual quantities of fresh handmade pasta for specific customers. 

If a product is out of stock, click the "Notify Me When Available" button and our system will automatically send you an email when the product becomes available, or check our weekly production schedule.

Possible Solutions:

If you'd like to ensure you get what you need this holiday, we recommend placing a custom order (5# minimum per product) click here, or purchasing fresh pasta and freezing it until you're ready to begin cooking. Curbside pickup is also available for same-day pickup (click here).

Freezing Pasta

Freezing fresh pasta is an excellent and our preferred method of preserving fresh pasta. 

Due to the extremely low water content in fresh pasta, the typical molecular and structural damage that occurs when food is frozen is largely avoided. Our frozen pasta is indistinguishable from when it is fresh (we promise)

From frozen (do not defrost) place the frozen pasta straight into boiling water. Per each pound of frozen pasta, add an additional 1-2 quarts of water, and extend the cooking time by 1-2 minutes, and follow the cooking instructions detailed per specific pasta.