Custom Orders

Custom orders are a great option for ordering in bulk. 

If you’re interested in purchasing specific shapes with specific flavors in volume, a custom order might be right for you (5# minimum/increment per product).

Our cutoff time for custom orders is 11am during business days. Please read the detailed description at the bottom of this page.


  1. Select the flavor
  2. Select the shape
  3. Tell us the amount (5# minimum per product)
  4. Enter your pickup request date
  5. Done! We'll send you confirmation.


Basil (v)
Lemon Chili (v)
Beet (v)
Lemon Cilantro (v)
Black Squid Ink  Lemon Dill (v)
Black Pepper (v) Lemon Pepper (v)
Carrot (v) Lemon Saffron (v)
Chipotle (v) Lemon Sage (v)
Chive (v)
Mixed Herb (sage, oregano, parsley, marjoram) (v)
Chocolate  New Mexico Chili (v)
Cilantro (v) Onion (v)
Curry (v) Onion Parsley (v)
Fennel (v) Plain (original) (egg or eggless) (v*)
Garlic (v) Porcini (v)
Garlic Basil (v) Red Bell Pepper (v)
Garlic Pepper (v) Saffron (v)
Ginger (v) Smoked Calipepper (v)
Italian Herb (v) Spinach (v*)
Jalapeño (v) Tomato (v)
Jalapeño Basil (v) Tomato Basil (v)
Kale (v) Tomato Jalapeño (v)
Lemon (v) Whole Wheat (v)
Lemon Basil (v)


V = Vegan

V* = Request vegan modification


Angel Hair (v)
Pasta Sheets (Lasagne sheets) (v*)
Cavatelli (v)
Penne (v)
Fettuccine (v) Radiatore (v)
Foratini (v) Rigatoni (v)
Fusilli (v)
Rigatoni Mezzi (short rigatoni) (v)
Gnocchi* (frozen) (v*) Rotelle (v)
Gnocchi Spinach (frozen) (v*) Shells (v)
Linguine (v) Spaghetti (v)
Linguine di Passero (thick & round linguine) (v) Spaghetti #2 (thick spaghetti) (v)
Pappardelle (v*)


V = Vegan

V* = Request vegan modification


Please fill out the form below with your details and the requested products in the following format:


5# Lemon Cilantro Linguine

5# Pasta Sheets (lasagne sheets)

10# Whole Wheat Spaghetti

15# Black Pepper Penne 

*Your pickup request date (i.e. 1/10/21)


  • Custom orders are nonrefundable.
  • Custom orders require a 5# minimum per shape. (Gnocchi simply requires a 5# minimum) 
  • Some flavors and shapes may not be available.
  • *A full 24 hour business day lead time is required to fulfill your pickup request date.
  • *Orders placed after 11am or on a non-business day will be processed on the following business day.
  • You will receive a notification when your order is ready to be picked up. Please await for a confirmation from us stating your order is ready for pickup prior to arriving. 

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