Bellow is a list of fresh pasta shapes and flavors available 

Basil (v)  $3.60 Lemon Chili (v) $4.25
Beet (v)
Lemon Cilantro (v)
Black Squid Ink  $4.60 Lemon Dill (v)
Black Pepper (v) $3.60 Lemon Pepper (v)
Carrot (v) $4.10 Lemon Saffron (v) $5.75
Chipotle (v) $4.50 Lemon Sage (v)
Chive (v) $3.60 Mixed Herb (sage, oregano, parsley, marjoram) (v)
Chocolate  $4.50 New Mexico Chili (v) $3.60
Cilantro (v) $3.60 Onion (v) $3.50
Curry (v) $3.60 Onion Parsley (v) $3.60
Fennel (v) $3.60 Plain (egg or eggless) (v*) $3.60
Garlic (v) $3.75 Porcini (v) $4.90
Garlic Basil (v) $3.95 Red Bell Pepper (v) $3.60
Garlic Pepper (v) $3.95 Saffron (v) $4.50
Ginger (v)
Smoked Calipepper (v) $4.90
Italian Herb (v)
Spinach (v*) $3.75
Jalapeño (v)
Tomato (v) $3.75
Jalapeño Basil (v) $3.95 Tomato Basil (v) $3.95
Kale (v) Temporarily out of rotation  Tomato Jalapeño (v) $3.95
Lemon (v) $4.05 Whole Wheat (v) $3.60
Lemon Basil (v) $4.25


V = Vegan

V* = Request vegan modification


Angel Hair (v) Penne (v)
Cavatelli (v) Radiatore (v)
Fettuccine (v) Rigatoni (v)
Fusilli (v) Rigatoni Mezzi (short rigatoni) (v)
Linguine (v) Rotelle (v)
Linguine di Passero (thick & round linguine) (v) Shells (v)
Pappardelle (v*) Spaghetti (v)
Pasta Sheets (v*) Spaghetti #2 (thick spaghetti) (v)


V = Vegan

V* = Request vegan modification

Some flavors and shapes may not be available


Bellow is a list of frozen pasta shapes and their respective flavors

Small Ravioli Packed Case Price 5lb/5 Unit Minimum
Cheese (1" square) 20lb $110.00 $6.25


Large Ravioli
Case Price
5lb/5 Unit Minimum
Cheese (2" Square) 20lb $122.00 $6.50
Smoked Mozzarella (2" Square) 20lb $172.00 $8.95
Gorgonzola (2" Square) 20lb $130.00 $6.95
Porotbello (Triangle) 20lb $188.00 $10.25
Cheese & Spinach (2" Square) 20lb $125.00 $6.65
Lobster (Triangle) 20lb $265.00 $13.50
Spinach (2" Square) 20lb $125.00 $6.75
Zucca (Triangle [Butternut squash & pumpkin– seasonal]) 20lb $170.00 $8.95


Gnocchi Packed Case Price 5lb/5 Unit Minimum
Gnocchi 25lb $92.50 $4.50
$91.00 N/A
$91.00 $4.80
New Mexico Chili
$98.00 $4.95
Sun Dried Tomato
$110.00 $5.55


Cappelletti Packed Case Price 5lb/5 Unit Minimum
Cheese  25lb $120.00 $5.25
$123.00 $5.50
$123.00 $5.50
Tri Color
$127.00 $5.75
Jalapeño Cheese
$125.00 $6.25


Agnolotti Packed
5lb/5 Unit Minimum
25lb $120 $5.25
Spinach 25lb $123 N/A


Stuffed Items
5lb/5 Unit Minimum
Jumbo Stuffed Shells 50 x 2 oz pieces $48 N/A
50 x 2 oz pieces
$48 N/A



  • 20# minimum order
  • 5# minimum per item
  • Orders are required to be put in by 11:00 am for next day delivery & pickup
  • Delivery days are Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 
  • All deliveries are subject to a delivery fee
  • All new accounts are on a 30 day C.O.D review
  • Post 30 day review terms are determined by a credit check

What we require from you

We require proof of a valid business license 

Ingredient details

All of our fresh and frozen pasta is made with General Mills flour milled from non-GMO grains

Semolina N° 1: Semolina (milled from durum wheat) Vitamin B(niacin), ferrous sulfate (iron), Vitamin B1 (thiamine mononitrate), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), Vitamin B9 (folic acid)

Fresh pasta is made with 100% Semolina N° 1

00 Neapolitan Flour: Wheat

Ravioli is made with 100% 00 Neapolitan Flour

Cappelletti is made with a combination 00 Neapolitan Flour and Semolina N° 1

Water: Water used in our food production is reverse osmosis filtered

Flavors: All flavors and colors used in our pasta is naturally occurring vegetable-based ingredients

Allergen Statement 

Some homemade pasta contains/may contain wheat, egg, dairy, shellfish, and tree nuts. See the specified ingredients on your product for more details.

All homemade products are manufactured in a facility that processes wheat, egg, dairy, shellfish and tree nuts.

Dietary Restriction Statement

Homemade products that are labeled as plant based or vegan friendly do not contain animal products or byproducts.