Pesto Genovese, 8 oz

Pesto Genovese, 8 oz

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Product Description
Our homemade pesto is full of bright and fragant flavors such as fresh basil and fresh parsley. Imported Romano cheese and pine nuts give our pesto genovese a full and savory flavor profile.

It's a great additon to grilled meats such as steaks or chicken, and it pairs beautifully with steamed or grilled vegetables. Use it as a sauce, spread, or a dip.

Product is frozen.

Cooking Instructions
If frozen, thaw at room temperature (do not heat or microwave).

Pesto is concentrated, add extra virgin olive oil to dilute the pesto until you reach a desired consistency.

Cream may also be added to create a creamy pesto.

Basil, imported Romano cheese, olive oil, pine nuts, fresh garlic, parsley, marjoram.

Contains: Dairy, tree nuts.

Manufactured in a facility that processes wheat, eggs, dairy, shellfish and tree nuts.

Gluten Friendly

Package Size
Net wt: 8 oz (226.5g)

Shelf Life
7 days refrigerated.
3 months frozen.