Feudi Branciforti dei Bordonaro Chardonnay 2019, 750mL

Feudi Branciforti dei Bordonaro Chardonnay 2019, 750mL

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Product Description
From the rows of the estate of Gelso Grande, after a soft pressing of the grapes best, comes a wine that can give hints refined and graceful elegance. Dedicated to the most demanding wine lovers Chardonnay Branciforti of Bordonaro, you grant to the nose with a bouquet of delicate intensity that declines happily towards fruity with hints of apricot and revalence of yellow peach. Perfect companion for a dinner by candlelight, with a preference for matching overture of crustaceans and fish main dishes of the Mediterranean.

Tasting notes 
Straw yellow colour with greenish tints; The most internationally well-known and appreciated white grape. A generous wine with an elegant and refined bouquet, expressing on the palate delicate and harmonic hints of exotic fruits that exalt its pleasantness.

Hors d’oeuvres and seafood: fish and shellfish; white meat.


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