Always keeping in mind the health of our customer and the superior quality of ingredients we use to make all of our products, we only use General Mills Flour products, which are kosher and certified non-GMO, using conventionally bred North American wheat and barley. As well, we only use locally farmed eggs from Eben-Haezar Poultry Ranch in Ramona, which come from free range vegetarian fed chickens. We always want to make sure we are offering the best quality, healthiest products for our customers and we assure that with our flour and eggs and all other flavors used in making our pastas, sauces, sausages, and all other products.

As a connoisseur of fine quality food and drink, Assenti's Pasta wants to extend our knowledge and love of food to our loyal clientele. It is our pleasure to invite all of our guests to begin their journey as a Gourmet with our family. By broadening your palate and empowering you to bring out your inner chef, Assenti's Pasta can help to provide a gourmet meal in your own kitchen minus the expensive cost of a restaurant.

Cooking can be as easy or difficult as you desire it to be. We are self-taught, meaning that our roots come from Mama! Assenti's Pasta believes that it is all a matter of how much energy, patience, and heart you are willing to put into it. Our passion is food, and although we do not have extensive knowledge, we want to spread as much of our love and knowledge, as possible.

It is our pleasure to serve you.

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