Polenta, a northern Italian staple, is a type of cornmeal made from ground maize. Generally in Italy two common types are used, coarse and fine. Polenta can be served soft (i.e., porridge) topped with sauce and meat. Another alternative would be to allow the Polenta to cool and harden, then serve it fried or grilled.


The name of the dish, made from boiled cornmeal (Granturco)

The cornmeal comes in different grades of coarseness, with the finer varieties being more suitable for cakes, and the coarser ones a great accompaniment with soup. It can be served hot, cold, broiled, grilled, or cooked in an oven, and accompanied by meat, cheese, egg, or fish.

Instant Polenta

La Grande Ruota


-17.46 oz.

Polenta Vasugana


Nicoli Polenta Come Una Volia


We also have bulk coarse cornmeal with which to make polenta in the traditional manner.

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