Established in 1981, Assenti's Pasta was born out of mother Adriana Assenti's desire to bring fresh pasta to the masses. Adriana and her husband, Umberto Assenti were married in 1953 in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy. Shortly after their union they moved to San Diego, CA where they began their new lives by establishing themselves in the local food service industry. Umberto pursued an entrepreneurial career as a restaurateur, with the purchase of The Isle of Capri in 1956.

Using her family recipes that she brought with her from San Benedetto del Tronto, Adriana would make all the pasta by hand for her family. “Mom made pasta at home for as long as I can remember,” says Roberto, “the old-fashioned way with a rolling pin. She would cut the pasta and drape it on the furniture all over the house to dry”. When the shop first opened Adriana and her sons, Roberto and Luigi, would still make all the pasta by hand, customizing each pasta order per client request. Soon demand began to outstrip the Assenti’s capacity to produce the pasta in such a manner, and pasta machines were ordered.

Their investment into pasta machines allowed the Assenti’s to experiment with various pasta shapes and flavors. The production of the Assenti family favorite recipes enabled the shop to flourish. After experimenting with all kinds of specialty pastas for chefs around town, Assenti’s began producing a line for their retail customers, creating several new pastas and offering 44 varieties of pasta flavors to choose from.

Today, brothers, and co-owners, Luigi and Roberto Assenti play caretakers to the Assenti's faithful clientele. And the faithful are many. To best maintain the quality or freshness of the pasta, Assenti’s Pasta uses numerous fresh and dry herbs and spices to naturally create a variety of pasta flavors desired by their clientele.

Although the store's specialty is its fresh pasta, Assenti's also stocks all manner of Italian treats and tools. Let your eyes gaze around the store, where the shelves hold pastas, olive oils and balsamic vinegar's, cannellini and lentil beans, pizelle bakers, coffee pots, graters, pasta bowls, oil cans and many other products of Italy.

The Assenti family invites you to enjoy the best pasta available- “Where quality and freshness are never compromised”.