Carmen Assenti has been our resident Cook since 1983. Although she is strictly self-taught, Carmen has made a name for herself as an Assenti Family Gourmet. As a child young Carmen would constantly be kicked out of the kitchen while the women of her family were preparing meals due to her devout curiosity to cooking. The curiosity spawned what would become Carmen's passion, food! Carmen has evolved greatly as a cook from when she first began experimenting in the kitchen. She owes a great deal of kudos to her mother-in-law, Adriana Assenti, whom she is always watching in the kitchen.

For Carmen cooking is a constant learning process, she has learned how to become more patient, to follow recipes the first time she prepares a dish, and then changes them accordingly, but for her the most rewarding and enjoyable part of cooking is coming up with new recipes. The most important lesson that Carmen has learned is to Always write every step down as she is preparing a meal so that she doesn't forget what she put in it, what quantity, or at what time.

Carmen cordially invites you to read her blog, where she gives you the step-by-step process of preparing some of her favorite recipes, as well as, the reasoning behind each step being taken.

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