Assenti's Homemade Classico Siena Panforte

The origins of Panforte go all the way back to The Middle Ages, where a Sienese Nun,Sister Berta, grew concerned about the well-being and health of the people of Siena following a siege of the city. Sister Berta began preparing a high-energy dessert made from a mixture of Honey, Dried Fruit, Almonds, and Spicy Pepper. Due to its durability, Panforte accompanied Medieval Knights during their crusades.

Although it is labeled as a Fruit Cake, Panforte is nothing like an American Fruit Cake as it takes on more of a Energy Bar quality.  Panforte Negro made with Bitter-Sweet Belgium Chocolate and honey, Orange Zest,Raisins, Hazelnut, Almond,Walnuts, Figs-Dates.  Slices beautifully and can be kept refrigerated.  Panforte is a Great dessert that can be accompanied with Wine, Coffee, Champagne, Prosecco,Vin Santo, Recioto Della Valpolicella or Vino Passito. (All Available at Assenti's Pasta)
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Panettone originated in Milan circa 1490, when a young aristocrat fell in love with the daughter of Toni, the Baker. In order to spend time with her, the young aristocrat would disguise himself as a baker and help Toni's daughter work in the bakery during the night. Being of noble dissent, the young aristocrat was able to bring Toni's daughter yeast, flour, butter, eggs, candied fruit, and dried raisins. With all of these wonderful ingredients, the aristocrat and Toni's daughter baked a wonderful, dome-shaped bread. Pan de Toni, "Toni's Bread",beacme instantly popular, and remains to be a favorite throughout all of Italy.

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