At Assenti's Pasta we are more than just a fresh pasta manufacturer, we are a gourmet deli as well! Please enjoy some of our selected specialty items that we have selected to help give a feel for what we care in our store. We choose the finest products of Italy to put on our shelves, and we invite you to stop by Assenti's Pasta to check out our selection.


Flat Fillets Anchovies
In Olive Oil & Salt
2 oz.
Agostino Recca
Flat Fillets of Anchovies In Pure Olive Oil & Salt Product of Italy
2 oz.
Agostino Recca
A more select quality of Anchovy Fillets
In Pure Olive Oil and & Salt

Anchovy Paste
Ideal for adding flavor to pizzas, sandwiches, and is perfect to give extra flavor to salad dressings.

Italia In Tavola
Pasta di Acciughe
Anchovy Paste
Product of Italy
2.1 oz.

Black Truffles
Found in the Piedmont, northern Italy, these delicately flavored truffles are usually served raw. These are part of the mushroom family, and are found underground near oak trees. They are firm, and irregular in shape, and have a very pungent, earthy aroma and flavour that is prized throughout Italy. Very expensive in price, they have a short season.

Preserved Black Truffles
1 ΒΌ oz.

Caponata is a Sicilian Eggplant-based sauce that can be eaten warm or cold, by itself or with bread as a starter, or to accompany meat and fish dishes.

Assenti's Homemade Caponata
10 oz.

The separated grain of the wheat plant, Couscous is an ancient pasta shape made with cornmeal. Couscous recipes from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries are no different from the couscous recipes used today. Couscous does not have much flavor when served by itself, and is therefore, typically, prepared with vegetables, meat, and/or fish.

La Grande Ruota-Medium
35.3 oz. package

Abbamele can be used to top fresh salads, ricotta cheese, yogurt, and ice cream, or even pasta dishes such as ravioli.

Rau Abbamele
Sardinian Reduction of Honey and Pollen
Product of Italy
8.81 oz.

Biscotti Pagnotta
Biscotti Pagnotta is a light cheesy, peppery biscotti black Compliments soft cheeses, figs, bean spread, as well as anti-pasto platters. A great accompaniment with any red or white wine.

Assenti's Pasta Homemade Pagnotta

Saba is a fruity, yet mildly sweetened vinegar that is aged for 2 years. It is typically served with meats, poultry, and desserts. Sardinian Reduction of Wine Must. Used to top Gelato (ice cream), fruit, salads, pie, biscotti, yogurt, and fresh cheese.

Rau Saba
Product of Italy
8.81 oz.

San Marzano Tomatoes
Imported from Italy, these Italian peeled tomatoes with tomato puree and basil leaf.

Nina Brand
35 oz.

La Valle
Imported from Italy Puree with basil
28 oz.
Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world. Saffron threads are an orange/red color, and have an extremely pungent aroma. The quality of the aromatic flavor adds to most southern Italian dishes. Saffron is an excellent spice to use in sauces for fish, poultry, and risotto. It can also be used to flavor cookies and cakes.

Italian Saffron Powder Or SaffronThreads
Products of Italy
Convenient and affordable
0.5 g

Authentic Sardinian Fregola
Couscous's tastier cousin, Fregola is toasted semolina pasta mixed with water, formed into pellets and dried.

Is Casteddaius
17.5 oz.

Please look under our Recipe Section for Authentic Sardinian Fregola recipes.

Tuscan Bean Spread
Great as a bruscetta, this light smokey, delicate herb taste is also a great accompaniment with any red or white wine.

Asssenti's Pasta Homemade Tuscan Bean Spread
10 oz.

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