A wide variety of olive trees are cultivated throughout Italy, most of which are designated to be pressed into olive oil, while the others are either served on their own or garnish a traditional Itlian dish. The two most common types of olives are black, which are mature, and green, which are immature. Green olives have a more sharp, bitter taste compared to black olives.

These Italian olives are very large and have a sweet flavor. Black Cerignolas are softer than green Cerignolas.

Nicoise olives
These small purplish-black olives have a distinctively intense sour flavor.

Kalamata Olives
Kalamata olives are found exclusively in Greece, are a dark eggplant color and have a flavor that can be rich and fruity.

Assenti's Pasta Olive Salad
Sicilian cracked olives,mixed with giardinera vegetables and our own proprietary extra virgin olive oil based marinade.

Castelvetrano Olives These olives from Sicily are bright green, compact, olive with firm meat and small stone.

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