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Dry Salami
Coming from the Italian word "salare", meaning "to salt". Salami is a type of cured sausage made from pork or beef, usually flavored with garlic and spices, rarely smoked.
Genoa Salami
Originating from Genoa,Italy, this salami is large in diameter, and highly seasoned with garlic and other spices so that it's a bit piquant.
The name Ham derives from the Old English word "hamm", meaning, "bend of the knee". A cut of pork from the hind leg that is either dry cured or wet cured. Ham typically comes wither cured or smoked.
This Bologna sausage is made from very finely minced high-quality pork. Whole peppercorns and other spices are added before the mixture is formed into a huge sausage and cooked. It has a distinctive pink color, and is studded with cubes of creamy fat and (often) with pistachios. It is usually thinly sliced and eaten cold in sandwiches or as an antipasto with other cold cuts.
Pistachio Mortadella
Originally from Bologna, Italy, this specialty sausage is made of finely ground pork, flavored with peppercorns, coriander and pistachio. Great as a sandwich meat, and compliments any anti-pasto platter.
An non-smoked Italian bacon ("pancia" is Italian for belly, in this case, pig’s belly), cured with salt and mild spices, usually pepper and a hint of cloves, giving it a mild flavor. It can be eaten raw as an antipasto, but is usually cut into strips and fried to flavor manly Italian dishes.
These dried "hot peppers" are commonly found in southern Italian dishes. Coarse chopped pork and lean beef combination, dried with a spicy hot flavor.

Spanish Jamon Serrano
Very similar to Italian Prosciutto. (Prosciutto from the word "prosciugare" meaning “to dry”). This Spanish Jamon, like Prosciutto is piece of meat from a pig's leg cured with salt for fourteen months, causing it to dry out into an edible consistency. The drying sheds are usually built at higher elevations, which gives it its name Jamon Serrano or "Mountain Ham".

Parma Prosciutto
Italy is famous for its prosciuto crudo, or cured ham, and the most famous ones come from the area around Parma.
San Danielle Prosciutto
A Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC)ham that may only be produced from fresh cuts of locally produced meats in the Frivili region.
A pressed sausage that is prepared using cloves, coriander, black pepper, nutmeg, and cinnamon. The meat is chopped into small pieces, cooked with spices, and is then placed into a jute bag.

Small Sopressata
Sopressata is a minced pork "pressed" into form. Similar to a large Salame in Veneto, Sopressata refers to various types of salami in Italy.

An Italian sausage from Tuscany. A tangy pork and beef salame, coarsely chopped with flavor of garlic and whole peppercorns.
Salametti Secchi
An Italian dry salami made from ground pork mixed with beef and spices packed into a natural casing. Mini versions of popular types of larger-diameter salami, such as Genoa.All pork spiced with cracked chilies and cayenne pepper.

Assenti's Pasta Homemade Mild Italian Sausage
Ground Pork Seasoned with Salt, Pepper, Fennel Garlic.

Assenti's Pasta Homemade Spicy Italian Sausage
Ground Pork Seasoned with Salt, Pepper, Fennel Garlic, Crushed Chili, and Paprika.

Assenti's Homemade Chicken Sausage
Made with chicken thigh and leg meat, with Sundried Tomato, Provolone, and Basil, and seasoned with our homemade blend of sausage seasoning.

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