Fresh Items This Week!

Some Items May Be Available Until Late In The Afternoon
We Recommend That You Call Ahead

Assenti's Pasta Products may also be found at San Diego's local Farmers' Markets. If you have any questions regarding orders or Farmers' Market locations please contact distributors by either email or phone. They will return your email or call as soon as possible.

An assortment of our fresh pasta products can be purchased at the following locations:

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Tel: (619) 985-4951

Peggy's Pasta Locations
alt text

alt text

Tel: (619) 985-4951

Lisko Imports Locations
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Grant's Marketplace
This local Market, located in Golden Hill,
is now carrying a variety of fresh pasta from Assenti's Pasta.

2953 Beech Street
San Diego,CA 92102

If you're interested in becoming a distributor or would like to request wholesale information, contact our office Monday through Friday during regular business hours. 619- 239-5117

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